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We create fully tailored training and development solutions designed to have a long-term impact on your customers, suppliers and internal staff. 

Every learning program is customised to a company's unique cultural and value proposition, allowing us to align and enhance business strategies with content and delivery methods that will best suit individual business models and achieve maximum sustainable impact.


To support this fully individualised offering, we offer our tried and tested Client Centric Consulting, Project Delivery Excellence and Leadership training programs. We have discovered every client is unique with specific challenges that require their own development needs. This forms the core of our learning solutions resulting in highly engaged attendees who adopt their new skills and techniques into their own business context. 

Job Interview


In an age of ever-evolving technological and business process advancements, clients and stakeholders are demanding greater levels of service from organisations that align with their cultural values.

Client-consulting skills are generally not gained through tertiary study, particularly for professionals working in the sciences, engineering, finance or law.


In today’s complex business landscape, consulting skills and the ability to provide client centric and differentiated services are highly desirable skills for individuals and vital for running a successful business. 

Reaching a Deal


C3 training changes team culture by introducing skills and techniques that demonstrate an ability to:

  • Develop influencing strategies and techniques that create successful business partnerships, build rapport and obtain optimum results

  • Develop a process to build long-term profitable relationships with clients that is repeatable

  • Apply negotiation skills directly to real challenges and real clients

  • Refine and master networking and professional presentation skills that will make an impact and build confidence with your audience.

Working Together


MRC’s Client Centric Consulting (C3) training provides a blended learning approach tailored to develop professional people skills and deliver pragmatic tools and techniques that uplift attendees core consulting capabilities.

The program enhances key skills and enables client-facing senior professionals and leaders to confidently deliver effective mutually beneficial outcomes for their valued clients and themselves.

The C3 program takes participants on a tailored learning journey to provide essential and complementary consulting skills. These skills and techniques can be applied with any stakeholders, in or around the work environment and life in general. 

Business Plan


Our programs are delivered via self-paced learning alongside interactive workshops coupled with practical exercises that can be deployed with real-life clients.


Research shows that when participants are supported to demonstrate their learnings early, consistently and in a real-life working situation, it provides a platform for sustainable change and long lasting outcomes.

Our programs impart the required knowledge and tools while simultaneously providing the confidence to leverage learning into results.

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