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The Journey From In-house to Outsourced

The backstory:

A ‘Big Four’ Australian bank had just implemented a A$2 billion business transformation project to integrate a major outsourcing program provided by a global IT services company.

The bank’s ICT department undertook a major restructure, cutting 75 per cent of  8,000 staff. Those remaining were the most technically skilled but had now been thrust into completely new roles, where a new a set of skills were required to manage the service provider’s staff, who were based in India and Brazil.

Business Partners at Work

Customer facing Engineers are required to have highly developed consulting skills

The Backstory: 


Joining at a crucial time in the evolution of the business, I was tasked with driving a range of newly defined business goals that embraced an overarching commitment to ensuring the highest level of multi-disciplined engineering services to clients across all sectors and from all levels of internal service providers.

This meant working closely with the Directors and Senior Management team to enable the engineering professional services capability to secure embedded knowledge and learning while maintaining and developing high level value propositions.

Identifying life saving engineering services placed this fire engineering team as leaders in their industry

It was 9am on the day of the Grenfell Fire in London and the workshop to be delivered was focusing on networking and stakeholder management. The Senior Fire Engineer clearly articulated, in layman's terms, how the cause of the disaster was cladding used on the exterior to update the aesthetics of the tired old social housing buildings built post-WWII.


This was the day a group of engineers developed an offering designed to help ensure another disaster like this would not occur.  The workshop provided a set of practical tools and techniques to enable this team to identify ways of promoting and networking their services across the UK that eventually spread across the whole company which was very rewarding.  

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