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Cleaning Up Our Precious Waterways And The Environment With Microsoft Teams and Power Platform

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Disparate systems, big data and field technicians brought together on a single communications and collaborations Hub.

These last few weeks have taken us to the Sunshine Coast to work with an amazing team of engineers and environmentalists. This diverse team of experts have gained experience from every continent on the planet. From working with the United Nations; large complex mining project management; to dolphin hunting regulatory organisations in Japan. More about the team later but what has been most impressive about working with these guys is their innovative approach and focus on using intelligent data to drive decision-making.

The Challenge

Cleanwater's challenge is to provide councils and shopping centres with cost-effective products that capture waste at the source by designing, installing and servicing stormwater gross pollutant (rubbish) traps. The emphasis is on mitigating the habit of littering and preventing pollutants (plastic, cigarette, petroleum products, chemicals) entering the waterways where it has a major impact on wildlife, human health and the economy. Cleanwater's partnership with community and government organisations across Australia help lead beach and waterway clean-ups that have an immediate impact on the environment and to marine ecosystems.

As we started our Teamwork Assessment workshop it was very clear there were many challenges faced by this Team. These included using multiple file management platforms, the ability to collate large datasets and analyse data with ease, and ways to create meaningful, interactive and useful reports for customers and leadership. Shifting to a single internal collaboration tool was also high on the list of priorities.

Taking time in the business to understand Cleanwater's operational and cultural challenges internally, as well as the political and industry forces in play, provided a platform to discuss how best to use technology to achieve their sustainability mission.

The Solution

A 3-iCloud integrated solution would seamlessly provide industry disrupting firepower. Combining all the data sources on OneDrive, consuming the data on Power BI dashboard reports and achieving employee engagement and efficiencies in Teams would change the game for Cleanwater and position them as future industry leaders.


Leadership and Passion

CEO, Doug Yardley leads the team and says “I knew I needed to quit my corporate lifestyle when I realised the reality of plastic pollution we were facing. The thought of my children not having the same clean and healthy water to swim in that I had done as a child drove me to develop Cleanwater."

Doug goes on to say "I chose to use my corporate background and apply it to something that would feed my soul and passion for the ocean. We wanted to work with customers to create a solution, rather than simply share memories of how pristine our waters once were.


Together with MR Consulting, the Cleanwater team plans to embark on a 90-Day Adoption journey. The aim is to have one easy-to-access place for their Data to reside, increase engagement by bringing the team together from all states regularly (without travel costs) and connect with customers from Cairns to Melbourne at anytime, and from anywhere.

Working with the business stakeholders has truly begun the autocratisation of technology, enabling this small and vitally important business (SMC) with true enterprise capabilities. What an amazing transformation project to be a part of and we will keep you updated on the journey in coming posts.

Please feel free to Contact Us when you are considering maximising your technology by enabling your Teams communication and collaboration hub. It would be great to become apart of your story.

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